2021 Scarlet Alliance National Forum 性工作者全国论坛 #SANF21 | Respect QLD

SANF21 online registrations are now open! CLICK HERE

2021 性工作者全国论坛在线注册现已开放!点击这里

This year we have once again decided to hold the 2021 Scarlet Alliance National Forum online due to the varied COVID-19 restrictions across states and territories. Next year, the Forum location nominations will be re-opened.

今年仍是因为COVID-19新冠病毒疫情在各州或领地带来的防疫限制,2021年 Scarlet Alliance 绯红联盟性工作者全国论坛仍维持以在线方式为主。期望明年将会恢复推举年度论坛的举办城市的惯例。

The theme for National Forum 2021 is Whores in Context: Where have we come from? Where are we going?

Held over 3 days on 9-11 November, the National Forum packs in:

National Forum (sex workers only – free) Presentations, workshops, discussions, consultation, policy development, sex workers panels, trends/changes/legal conditions across each state and territory, peer education and more.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) (online only) (Scarlet Alliance delegates and members only). Election of office bearers (executive committee), spokespersons, delegates to represent the organisation, reports from the executive committee, presentation of financial reports. Note all elected positions become vacant.

An evening of Whorestories and Whore Of The Year awards (online only) (sex workers only – free)

2021 年全国论坛的主题是:性工作者 历史/政治/社会 背景与脉络:我们的过去与未来

11 月 9 日至 11 日举行的为期 3 天的全国论坛包括:

  • 全国论坛(仅限性工作者 – 免费)
    • 演讲、研讨会、性工作者讲座、咨询、政策制定、每个州和领地的性产业趋势/变化/法规、伙伴教育等等。
  • 年度大会 (AGM)(仅限在线)(仅限斐红联盟代表和会员)。
    • 推选公职人员(执行委员会)、发言人、组织代表、执行委员会的报告、财务报告。
  • Whorestories 和 Whore Of The Year 颁奖晚会(仅限在线)(仅限性工作者 – 免费)

SANF21 Agenda 议程

Tuesday 9 November

Wednesday 10 November Thursday 11 November


12:00pm Welcome to Country

12:05pm Housekeeping and safer spaces

12:15pm Scarlet Alliance overview

12:30pm President’s address

12:40pm Trans & Gender Diverse Sex Worker Representative report

12:45pm National group reports: Touching Base, DDDIFF

1:00pm State & territory reports: NSW, SA, WA, ACT
(15 mins each incl. questions)



2:00pm Lunch & online discussion groups:
‘Sex workers and their pets’ & ‘Discussions around sex worker organising’



3:00pm State & territory reports: QLD, VIC, NT, TAS
(15 mins each incl. questions)

‘Priority Issues: Where to from here?’



5:00pm END OF DAY 1



6:00pm Exec, Spokes, Reps & Doubles nominations close


12:00pm AGM & election results
(online only) (delegates and members only)




  • ‘Trans and Queer Sex Workers in NSW’
  • ‘Personal experiences with banking institutions and helpful tips regarding payment options and banking’

3:30pm PANEL
‘The Challenges of COVID-19 for Migrant Sex Workers in Australia’

  • ‘Simple Bondage for Work and Pleasure’
  • ‘Community focused cash back’



5:30pm END OF DAY 2




7:30pm Whore Trivia & 2021 Whore of the Year Awards


12:00pm WORKSHOP
‘Peer Education is Everywhere’

12:45pm Clap Back: STI & BBV update

1:00pm PANEL
‘Black, Strong & Sexy: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQA+ sex workers



2:00pm Lunch & online discussion groups
‘Sex workers and their pets’ & ‘Discussions around sex worker organising’




  • ‘How I’ve Dealt With My Own Whorephobia: A Sharing Circle’
  •  ‘Sex Worker Rights: Impromptu spaces for whore expression, advocacy and organising’

4:00pm PANEL
‘The National Cabinet of Whores’






Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting 年度會員大会正式通知

Scarlet Alliance Annual General Meeting to be held online

12:00pm, Wednesday 10 November 2021.

All members are invited to attend

If you have not received the formal notice in your email and/or you are a new member wishing to attend the National Forum please contact members@scarletalliance.org.au for further information.

Please note: the National Forum is a sex worker only space and excludes owners/operators. The information regarding venue is thus only available to sex workers past and present, who are not owner/operators. Following the constitutional changes made in 2012 it is required that all attendees to the AGM must be current Scarlet Alliance members. All current elected positions are vacated at each AGM, we encourage people who are interested in being a representative, spokesperson, executive committee member or double to nominate. See below for position descriptions.

Scarlet Alliance 绯红联盟年度大会将在线上举行

2021 年 11 月 10 日,星期三,中午 12:00。


如果您没有收到电子邮件中的正式通知和/或您是希望参加论坛的新成员,请联系 members@scarletalliance.org.au 以获取更多信息。

请注意:全国论坛是一个仅限性工作者的空间,不包括业主/经营者。因此,有关论坛场所的活动信息仅适用于过去和现在非所有者/经营者的性工作者们。根据 2012 年的章程变更,所有参加年度股东大会的人都必须是当前的绯红联盟会员。联盟组织里所有的职位在每次年度股东大会上都会空出,我们鼓励有兴趣成为代表、发言人、执行委员会成员或其它职位的人参加推选。职位描述见下文。

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