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In 2020 Respect Inc joined the #SignsOfRespect Campaign, with new artworks created at our many offices:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander solidarity campaigns signed onto by Respect – 

Raise The Age

Raise the Age for criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years of age

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 #PrideNotProfit Petition

Petition to change the licensing agreement around the Aboriginal flag

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On this website you can submit your own ideas for a new Australian flag, & vote on your favourite one

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Australia Day: Change the date? Change the nation

Change the date of ‘Australia’ day public holiday

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Time for Treaty

Movement for Treaties in Australia with First Nations Peoples

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 Racism. It Stops With Me.

Commit to take action against racism.

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Close the Gap

Join the more than 200,000 Australians committed to Close the Gap  in health equality by 2030 

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Change the Record

Take the pledge to Change the Record  on soaring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander imprisonment rates and levels of experienced violence

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Family Matters – Strong communities. Strong culture. Stronger children.

A national campaign to ensure young people grow up safe and cared for in family, community and culture.

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Hope Sweet, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Project Leader, Respect Inc, Statement on Invasion Day 2022.

With Invasion Day coming up I wanted to share this with you all, if you are looking for something to share on the 26th January please share this.

Please remember this is a hard day for those of us who are Aboriginal. We may be feeling a bit low, sad or even angry.

Please give us a little time and understanding on this day and a few days around this time. As an Aboriginal people we tend to cop a bit of anger and  blame for trying to take away people’s “day off” or comments “it was 200 years ago, get over it.”

All we are asking for is to change to a date we can celebrate together.

Uluru Statement From The Heart


At the 2018 Respect Inc Roundtable, the sex workers present were led in discussion by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peers

The group voted to endorse the Uluru Statement Statement From The Heart, and the sentiments of Voice, Truth, Treaty.

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, Then let us work together



Lilla Watson

Gangulu nation

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