11 Jan 2021: Greater Brisbane COVID Restrictions | Respect QLD
A new directive was updated on the Queensland Health website that confirms that Adult entertainment venues (strip clubs), brothels, sex on premises venues and sole operator sex workers in the Greater Brisbane area can operate within the restrictions of the COVID Safe Plan and using 1.5 meter physical distancing (except in the booking).
While sex workers can return to work from 6pm January 11, there are new mask requirements that are detailed and may be very confusing at first. They are in place until 1am on 22nd January (unless revoked earlier or extended).
  • It is now a requirement to have a mask with you when outside of your home
  • A mask must be worn in indoor public spaces and in some outdoor spaces but not in your residence or your car. 
  • In a workplace you do not have to wear a mask if you can maintain physical distancing of 1.5m at all times (when you are not in a booking). If you can’t maintain a 1.5m physical distance you need to wear a mask. 
  • Masks are not required during a booking by either a worker or the client.
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