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WORK IT! Workshops Program

We only have a few workshops left for the rest of this year, but keep on eye out for a whole new program of workshops coming early 2019! For more information about any of our workshops or to RSVP or give suggestions, contact

Career Development Program

Respect Inc’s Career Development Program is designed to assist sex workers in achieving their career goals.

The program aims to assist sex workers who wish to change the way they work, whether that is learning new sex work skills, changing sectors of the sex industry or looking for work outside of sex work.

The Career Development Program helps sex workers recognise the skills and knowledge we have gained in sex work and build on those skills to enhance our work opportunities both within and/or outside of sex work. 

As sex workers ourselves, the Career Development Program peers are uniquely qualified to understand the needs of sex workers who are trying to change the way they work.  Whether you would like to change the type of sex work you do, expand your sex work skills, find work outside the sex industry or stop doing sex work, we offer stigma-free support and information about work, training and education.

If you would like to talk to someone about your work life and career options and pathways, then the Career Development Program is right for you!

We welcome Queensland sex workers with a diverse range of experiences within the sex industry. 

You are not required to continue in, or leave sex work in order to access our services.

You can get in touch by visiting the Brisbane office, calling, texting or emailing.

We are not associated with law enforcement and will not give your information to anyone.

You are welcome to contact us using any name you prefer.