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DecrimQLD Resources

As part of the campaign for the decriminalisation of sex work in Queensland DecrimQLD have created resources to increase awareness of the laws in Queensland and why sex workers are calling for decriminalisation.


Our series of Laws, Facts, Rights & Safety Infographics:

What would decriminalisation
mean for Queensland?

Public health, sexual health and Decrim

Advertising comparisons

Licensing has failed

Queensland’s licensing laws are a waste of resources

Sex work should not be controlled by police


In Queensland, Australia, sex workers operate under a harsh licensing framework. This video series explores how these licensing laws have failed sex workers and the community at large.

Why is safety illegal for sex workers in Queensland?

Watch this one minute video to learn about six different safety measures that are illegal under Chapter 22A of Queensland’s Criminal Code.

Licensing is a waste of resources

Watch this video to find out how a model intended to be cost neutral has cost more than $10M, after 18 years still relies on public funds for more than 50% of the licensing costs, and has resulted in only 20 brothels licensed. Currently, 80% of the industry is monitored by police.

Sex work should not be controlled by police

In Queensland, more than 80% of the sex industry is under police control. Offences against sex workers are on the rise. Many aspects of our work can result in criminal charges including implementing basic safety strategies. Join us in asking:

“Nearly 30 years since the Fitzgerald Inquiry isn’t it time to remove police as regulators of the sex industry in Queensland?”


17 Dec 2018

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers


Watch our 50 min webinar as sex workers explain the impact of the Queensland laws that criminalise sex worker safety strategies.

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