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Profits Of A Purpose

Our philosophy about sales of sex work supplies

Respect Inc has a small mark up on all our supplies. As a non-profit organisation any extra money raised from the sales of supplies is used to fund other Respect Inc activities (like brochure and flyer printing, social events, regional outreach trips by staff) that will support you and other sex workers. If you have any concerns with this or there are other products or brands you think we should provide, tell your local Respect Inc Peer Educator and we will take your feedback into consideration during our annual reviews. You can also fill out a feedback form​ for this. Remember that Respect Inc members receive a 10% discount on all purchases so if you are a sex worker (or past sex worker) and would like to become a member download a membership form​, fill it out and send it to us or drop it to any Respect Inc office.

Thanks for your support.
From the Staff, State Coordinator and Management Committee of Respect Inc.

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