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Media Mentions

“Queensland sex workers forced underground by ‘draconian’ laws amid ‘predatory’ police targeting, advocates say” – ABC (online & radio)

“The ’no sex’ sex worker who’s legally barred from telling clients she doesn’t have sex” –

“Common act sex workers can’t do in Queensland: There’s plenty of things sex workers can legally do but those in the industry are smarting from “bizarre” red light red tape making their work a minefield” –

“Stop criminalisation of sex worker safety in Queensland” – QNews

“Queensland sex workers demand decriminalisation” – Pink Advocate

Queensland sex workers demand decriminalisation

Queensland accused of falling behind other states as sex workers pressure Government to change laws – ABC

Sex workers fear spike in police action – Courier Mail

Sex workers waiting for action by the Attorney General – 4zzz

Sex workers in Queensland accuse police of entrapping them into breaking the law –

Sex Workers Say Their Safety Strategies Are Criminalised, And It’s Putting Them In Danger – Buzzfeed

New push towards Queensland sex work decriminalisation – Courier Mail

Queensland withdraws laws – Guardian

Stark choice for Qld sex workers – work safely or obey law? – Qnews

Sex workers call on industry to be decriminalised 30 years on from Fitzgerald Inquiry – ABC online & television news

Decriminalise Queensland Sex Work: An Interview With Respect’s Janelle Fawkes

Sex worker activists fight for decriminalisation – Qnews

Sex workers in Queensland must choose: be safe or be legal – Guardian feature

Queensland sex workers call for decriminalisation of their industry – Quest/Courier Mail feature

Decriminalisation in Qld and NT – ABC radio

‘Illogical laws’: Sex workers and allies rally for decriminalisation in Queensland – Qnews

30 years since Fitzgerald, it’s time to make Queensland sex work safe – Crikey opinion

No justice for sexual assault victims: Sex workers ‘less than citizens’ – Archer magazine

Spike in sex workers charged for job related offences sparks distrust – Townsville Bulletin

Man taken to court after defrauding Brisbane sex workers – Courier mail

Sex workers demand change to laws –  The Queensland Times

Queensland Government turns attention to decriminalising sex work – ABC

Queensland sex workers say current laws put their lives at risk – ABC

Sex workers have to choose between working legally or working safely – Brisbane Times

The ‘nutty’ list of words that Queensland sex workers aren’t allowed to use in adverts –

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