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Media Release August 2021 “Laws in Queensland criminalise sex worker safety strategies and the licensing framework criminalises sex work workplaces, other than 21 licensed brothels, combined with excessive police powers the current legislative framework is harmful to sex workers,” Dr Jeffreys, Respect Inc, said today. “This is an opportunity for Queensland to provide sex workers the same rights and protections as other workers.”

Media Mentions

“Queensland government moves to decriminalise all forms of sex work in bill tabled in parliament”

“With anti-discrimination changes, Northern Territory has some of the world’s most progressive sex work laws. It wasn’t always that way.”

“Queensland strippers make disturbing allegations of wage theft, exploitation and sexual assault in clubs.”

‘Queensland’s Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce recommends strengthening consent laws, allow naming of sexual offenders” ABC

“Queensland sex worker advocates back abolition of licensing to end police pressure and improve safety” ABC

“‘Forced to move home’: discrimination of Queensland sex workers needs to end, say advocates. Under state law, sex workers can be evicted, refused accommodation and charged higher rents or fee” The Guardian

“Queensland Law Reform Commission: public urged to have their say on sex worker rights” The Australian

“Queensland Law Reform Commission looking for feedback on sex work law changes” Courier Mail

“Queensland sex workers face ‘daily discrimination’ with up to 90pc of industry unprotected by laws” ABC

‘The start of the fight’: Sex workers push for decriminalisation” Pink Advocate

‘The start of the fight’: Sex workers push for decriminalisation

“Inaction and mistreatment why some sex workers don’t trust the police” SBS, The Feed

Sex workers welcome Queensland decriminalisation review

“Queensland moves to decriminalise sex work ” Canberra Tmes

“Sex workers hopeful as decriminalisation moves one step closer in Queensland” Green Left Weekly

“Queensland sex workers say outdated laws leave many unsafe and reluctant to report crime” ABC online

“Queensland sex workers forced underground by ‘draconian’ laws amid ‘predatory’ police targeting, advocates say” – ABC (online & radio)

“The ’no sex’ sex worker who’s legally barred from telling clients she doesn’t have sex” –

“Common act sex workers can’t do in Queensland: There’s plenty of things sex workers can legally do but those in the industry are smarting from “bizarre” red light red tape making their work a minefield” –

“Stop criminalisation of sex worker safety in Queensland” – QNews

“Queensland sex workers demand decriminalisation” – Pink Advocate

Queensland sex workers demand decriminalisation

Queensland accused of falling behind other states as sex workers pressure Government to change laws – ABC

Sex workers fear spike in police action – Courier Mail

Sex workers waiting for action by the Attorney General – 4zzz

Sex workers in Queensland accuse police of entrapping them into breaking the law –

Sex Workers Say Their Safety Strategies Are Criminalised, And It’s Putting Them In Danger – Buzzfeed

New push towards Queensland sex work decriminalisation – Courier Mail

Queensland withdraws laws – Guardian

Stark choice for Qld sex workers – work safely or obey law? – Qnews

Sex workers call on industry to be decriminalised 30 years on from Fitzgerald Inquiry – ABC online & television news

Decriminalise Queensland Sex Work: An Interview With Respect’s Janelle Fawkes

Sex worker activists fight for decriminalisation – Qnews

Sex workers in Queensland must choose: be safe or be legal – Guardian feature

Queensland sex workers call for decriminalisation of their industry – Quest/Courier Mail feature

Decriminalisation in Qld and NT – ABC radio

‘Illogical laws’: Sex workers and allies rally for decriminalisation in Queensland – Qnews

30 years since Fitzgerald, it’s time to make Queensland sex work safe – Crikey opinion

No justice for sexual assault victims: Sex workers ‘less than citizens’ – Archer magazine

Spike in sex workers charged for job related offences sparks distrust – Townsville Bulletin

Man taken to court after defrauding Brisbane sex workers – Courier mail

Sex workers demand change to laws –  The Queensland Times

Queensland Government turns attention to decriminalising sex work – ABC

Queensland sex workers say current laws put their lives at risk – ABC

Sex workers have to choose between working legally or working safely – Brisbane Times

The ‘nutty’ list of words that Queensland sex workers aren’t allowed to use in adverts –

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