Respect QLD | Support for Queensland sex workers

Our vision is for sex work to be recognised as work and as such fully decriminalised.

We envisage a society where we as sex workers have equal status in society and are free to pursue our occupational safely, on our own terms without fear of criminalisation, stigma or discrimination.

International Whores Day ~ High Tea 2019

So what is this famous day that we celebrate each year? Well, it marks the date that the modern sex worker movement was born, in 1975. When prominent members of the sex worker community in Lyon, France, were jailed by the very same police who refused to...

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This is a sex worker only space, a busy bright hub of information, everything that you need to know about sex work in Brisbane

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Respect Inc – who are we?

Respect Inc – who are we?

Respect Inc is a non-profit, peer-based organisation focused on protecting and promoting the rights, health & wellbeing of Queensland sex workers. We are a sex worker rights-positive and rights-focused community organisation. All of our Management Committee, Volunteers and Staff are current or former sex workers.

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“The Case for Decriminalisation: Sex Work and the Law in Queensland”

#QUT briefing paper - the first in their Crime & Justice Briefing Paper Series @CrimeJusticeQUT


Sex Workers in/who tour Qld are welcome to join our campaign to decriminalise sex work.
We hold our meets 10am on the second Wednesday of each month! Join in, or volunteer your skills & knowledge in other ways like behind the scenes on our e-list or at community events like SEXPO

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