Respect QLD | Support for Queensland sex workers

Our vision is for sex work to be recognised as work and as such fully decriminalised.

We envisage a society where we as sex workers have equal status in society and are free to pursue our occupational safely, on our own terms without fear of criminalisation, stigma or discrimination.


This is a sex worker only space, a busy bright hub of information, everything that you need to know about sex work in Brisbane

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Hướng Dẫn cho Nữ Buôn Hương – Tips for female workers

Miếng xốp (Sponges) và hành nghề khi có đường kinh – Sponges and working with period  Miếng xốp là một cách hữu hiệu để hành nghề khi người bạn có đường kinh vì chúng sẽ hút đi một số lượng đường kinh để cho khách không biết đó là kinh .  Đối với khách mang áo mưa...

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Khám Nghiệm Thân Chủ – Checking a Client

Mở Mắt ra, Chong Đèn Lên! Mỗi người của chúng ta có cách dò xét thân chủ của mình khác nhau, Người thì khám lúc đấm bóp cho họ, có người thì khi cho họ vào phòng tắm váo lúc bắt đầu làm cuộc hẹn, người khác thì chỉ tuột quần họ xuống rồi khám thẳng thừng. Nhiều bệnh...

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Respect Inc – who are we?

Respect Inc – who are we?

Respect Inc is a non-profit, peer-based organisation focused on protecting and promoting the rights, health & wellbeing of Queensland sex workers. We are a sex worker rights-positive and rights-focused community organisation. All of our Management Committee, Volunteers and Staff are current or former sex workers.

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Be a good ally to #sexworkers by using the terminology we prefer. Correct derogatory language about #sexwork when you hear it from friends, colleagues, or read it in the #media. Resist the use of stereotypes that malign our work & workplaces.

In Kolkata, #sexworkers are taking their demands directly to candidates for the first time. Sex workers have lobbied 2/3 of the candidates in West Bengal, Kolkata to sign declarations of support for their demands. Election results are expected on 23 May.

REMINDER: Today is voting day in Australia. It’s compulsory so get to a booth before 6pm.
Find out where to vote and who your options are via this link:

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