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Lots of guys are sex workers. About one in five gay and bi men have been paid for sex, and some straight guys are workers too.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds and do all kinds of work, from phone sex to erotic massage, from stripping to escorting.

Where do male sex workers work?

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Some popular websites include RentMen, Locanto, Scarlet Blue, Rentboy Australia, Massage Guys, and Skokka. You may have to try a few to see which work best for you. Link here for a full list of advertising sites used by workers of all genders.

In some regional locations, the most effective place to advertise is in the local paper. You can ask other male workers you know in the area or call Respect Inc to find out the best places for where you’re living or traveling.

You can contact Respect Inc for advice on worker-friendly hotels or other accommodation issues.

Brothels are legal in Queensland too, but at the moment, most licensed/legal brothels have no male workers. 

Laws and police

You can be fined if you break any advertising laws, work with another worker, share overheads, refer clients to another worker, or are caught providing or offering condomless services, including uncovered blowjobs. Police can pose undercover as clients to gain evidence. A full information sheet on the laws is here.

In Queensland, certain things have to be avoided in your ads. 

Your advertising photos can include any part of your body except for genitals and anus, and photos of real or simulated sex acts are not allowed. Describing your body and measurements is fine.

Some language you must avoid in your ads includes descriptions of services offered, including euphemisms or abbreviations. For example, you can’t mention doing BJ or anal. 

Some wording is allowed that does not directly describe your service. You can say general things like whether you’re on PrEP, and if you’re a top or bottom or versatile. You can also say what you don’t do, such as ‘no condomless sex’ or ‘no anal’.

Any reference to ‘massage’ is against the advertising laws. If you do these sessions, you can use other terms like ‘erotic relaxation’ or ‘body rub’.

Most fines given to sex workers are for breaches of advertising restrictions. You can read more about the law here or call Respect Inc for advice.

Individual advertisers and platforms have their own rules in addition to the law. For example, most dating apps don’t allow soliciting as a sex worker, even though your work is legal. PayPal, Amazon, Airbnb, and many other services also have terms and conditions that allow them to cancel your account if you are reported as a sex worker.

If you are contacted or fined by the police, you must tell them your name. COVID-19 laws mean you must tell them where you have been recently, specifically if you have been in a hotspot, and any other information directly related to COVID-19.

It’s best not to give unnecessary information to the police until you have a support person with you. Respect Inc can give you advice and link you with free legal help. Please take a photo of any paperwork you receive and record any officer details, then contact us as soon as possible. Do not attend a police station without a support person. Respect Inc advice is to always have a witness with you when you engage with police. Someone from Respect Inc can come with you.

Trans male sex workers
Sex workers are diverse in our genders and sexualities. Trans men, intersex people, and non-binary folks are a significant minority of workers, and Respect Inc has trans staff available to talk to you.
We can each choose how we present and what kind of work we do. Some of us might work as ‘women’, especially if we have not medically transitioned or are early in transition. Others might openly work as our authentic genders or even advertise as though we are cis men. 
Unfortunately, as in all parts of life, we have to be aware of the risk of transphobia from clients. If you need to talk about any problems, from rudeness to dysphoria to violence, you can contact Respect Inc.
You can choose what work you do, whether it’s full service or other services like massage, blowjobs, or BDSM. Be aware that the market for trans guys and other gender diverse sex workers is much smaller than for cis women. If sex work is your main job, you might need to consider other options to supplement your income. Respect Inc’s Career Development Program can help you develop skills in different areas of sex work or other industries depending on your interests.
If you’re having issues like working out your gender or coming out, we can help you talk it out and put you in touch with other services that can assist. All Respect Inc staff are trans-friendly and would love to chat with you.
Friendly services

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Worker-friendly and LGBTIQ-friendly clinics

All of these South-East Queensland clinics are confirmed sex worker-friendly and LGBTIQ-friendly. All specialise in sexual health, and some offer general GP services. 

We also have a list of regional clinics around the state. If you need a clinic in an area not listed, please contact Respect Inc and we can help you find the best place to go.


Counsellors, accountants, and more

If you would like to speak to a counsellor, accountant, lawyer, or other service, we can help you get in touch with friendly services. Please contact us for assistance.

Respect Inc and male sex workers

Respect Inc provides information and support for male workers.

  • All our staff at all offices are sex workers, including other guys, who can talk about work with you.
  • We have three offices with hangout spaces where you can meet other workers, use our computers and free wifi, chat over a coffee, or take time out and grab a nap.
  • We sell cheap bulk condom and lube supplies, with freebies if you’re broke or just getting started.
  • We can give you information and advice on any topic you can think of, from legal help to mental wellbeing. 

We’re run by sex workers for sex workers. We’re not associated with the government or the police.

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