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QLD Decriminalisation Review 2022

Decriminalisation of sex work in QLD referred to the QLRC

On 27 August, 2021 the Attorney-General Hon Shannon Fentiman referred the Decriminalisation of Sex Work in Queensland to the independent Law Reform Commission (QLRC) to undertake a review and draft legislation to decriminalise the sex work industry.

Read the media release from DecrimQLD, Respect Inc and Scarlet Alliance welcoming the announcement. And the media release from the Queensland Cabinet.

What the decrim review covers

The Terms of Reference sets out the parameters of the review or what is covered and what is not.

The Queensland Law Reform Commission is asked to recommend a framework for a decriminalised sex work industry with regard to twelve key areas. You can read the Terms of Reference here.

Consultation paper released & submissions due by 3 June, 2022

On 11 April, 2022 the QLRC released a Consultation Paper on decriminalisation of sex work including a call for submissions. It’s 250 pages long with more than 55 questions. Submissions close on 3 June, 2022. 
“The Queensland Government has committed to decriminalising the sex work industry. This means regulating sex work as work, not as a crime.
The QLRC has been asked to recommend what the framework for a decriminalised sex work industry should be.
Today, the Queensland Law Reform Commission released a Consultation Paper, A framework for a decriminalised sex work industry in Queensland (WP 80).
In approaching this task, the QLRC’s aim is to develop a regulatory framework focused on fairness, safety and health.” Media Release.

Understanding the Consultation Paper – Info Sheet, Info Sessions, Online webinar

To assist sex workers, allies and other organisations to understand the Consultation Paper questions and sex workers’ concerns we have created an Information Sheet that we hope you will read and consider before you do your submission. The Information Sheet provides background information and explains how the options discussed in the Consultation Paper would impact on sex workers for each of its 12 Chapters. Each section also provides some prompts for sex workers to consider adding to your response. It also provides the DecrimQLD and Respect Inc policy position on each of the topics which you can consider for your submission.

We will also host a series of info sessions and workshops in May:

  • Every Wednesday in May 12-4pm sex workers are invited to join us in-person, online or by phone for submission assistance. Whether it is just a question about the process or help getting your experiences down in writing we are here to help.
  • Tuesday 10 May starts at 10am (the second day of the Respect roundtable) sex workers can join in-person or online as we discuss decriminalisation, what it is and what it isn’t, how we make sure the benefits are available to all sex workers and information about the key topics in the discussion paper. Go to see the agenda.
  • Friday 13 May 11am-12.30pm we invite other organisations and allies to join us for an information session with Jules Kim from Scarlet Alliance and Queensland speakers as we share information about key issues to consider in your submission.
  • Wednesday 18 May 11am – 12pm Supporters are invited to a short briefing on what needs to go into your Decrim submission.
  • Wednesday 25 May at 11am-12pm we will be presenting on the Community Legal Centres Qld webinar.
  • Wednesday 25 May at 6-8pm sex worker submission writing help 0424 657 064
  • Q & A – do you have a question about Decrim, the review, what sex workers need, problems with what is proposed?

What is decriminalisation

Decriminalisation is the repeal of laws specific to sex workers or the sex industry. When these criminal laws are removed the same civil laws and regulations that apply to other businesses will apply to the sex industry. Decriminalisation is not ‘no regulation’. In fact multiple government agencies would be responsible for areas of regulation just like for other businesses. Workplace Health & Safety will apply to all sex industry workplaces. Sex workers will have the same rights and responsibilities as other workers. Want more information about decriminalisation? Take a look at this briefing paper by Scarlet Alliance.

We will be working to ensure that sex workers based in Queensland and who tour Queensland have our voices heard.

Report and draft laws

The QLRC is expected to deliver a report and draft legislation in November, 2022.

Let’s make sure they have heard from sex workers and our supporters.

Sex workers in Queensland have been waiting for a long time for the decriminalisation of sex work and have been campaigning for decades to change the harmful laws in Queensland.

Want more information? Take a look at our decrim Evidence page, see our Media Mentions page for what sex workers have been saying about the laws in Queensland, take a look at our Resources page for shorter chunks of information to add to your submission.


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