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Crimson Clinic

Crimson Clinic

Shop 16 Central Brunswick, 421 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley (entry off Martin Street)

Dental Dams

“During sex, the latex dam is placed across yours, or your client’s, genitals to prevent their tongue, or your tongue, from touching their genital skin, semen or other secretion”.

Male sex workers

Male sex workers

Respect Inc’s guide for navigating where to work, laws and police, friendly services, and links for male sex workers.

การเจรจาเพื่อการจองตัว (บุ๊คกิ้ง) – Negotiating the booking

การเจรจาเพื่อการจองตัว (บุ๊คกิ้ง) – Negotiating the booking


Female Clients

“All vaginas are not the same, but when it comes to STIs, all vaginas should be treated the same.”

Working With Your Period

“Sponges can be used for up to 8 hours. If you have a heavy period, use water to rinse out the blood in between clients. Add lube.”


“Stalking is any behaviour that causes the stalked person to feel apprehension or fear, feel fear of violence to themselves or against their property or the property of another person.”

Sex Workers With Children

” When overloaded with responsibilities, many working parents forget to take care of themselves. Find time out for you. Enjoy your children without the pressure of always having to hurry.”

Sex Work & Pregnancy

“When sex workers become pregnant they have the choice to keep working or stop working. It’s important to know the choice is up to the person who is pregnant. It is their body, their baby and their decision.”

Sex Work & Burnout

“Everyone’s point of burnout is different, the trick is to know yours, know what you can do to cope with it. Be better at knowing your limits.”

PEP or Post Exposure Prophylaxis

“Are you worried about a recent incident that may have exposed you to HIV? PEP is available from a medical doctor. When taken within 72 hours, it significantly reduces the risk of acquiring HIV.”

Looking After Your Health

“Eating, Sleeping, Getting out & interacting with other people – all this can go a long way towards keeping you healthy.”

Drink Spiking

“Drink spiking can have VERY, VERY, VERY serious consequences.  Please be careful, please take care of yourself and please don’t take shit from clients or the people you’re working for.  If you are spiked, don’t hesitate to call the police and ambulance immediately”.

Client Relationship Management

“It is never your fault if a client crosses your boundaries. You are not responsible for other people’s feelings or behaviour.”

Cleaning & Caring For Your Sex Toys

“Do you have a new toy? Before you throw out the packaging, check to see what the toy is made of. Each toy will be individual. How it is cleaned? What aftercare will you need to perform? What lube you can use to stop it deteriorating.”

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Most clients are easygoing and easily led by a sex worker when they feel that they are getting the services they have paid for. However, others will never be satisfied, no matter how much effort you put into the booking.



There are many practices to keep you physically safe and healthy while working. This information is about
Different types of condoms
Many ways of putting on a condom
Disposing of the condom
Using a condom as a cock ring
What are condoms made out of?
Internal condoms (Femidom/ female condoms)
Reasons condoms break or slip off
Safety tips
Where can you get condoms?

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