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As a sex worker, from time to time you may have the opportunity to see cis-female clients. It is your choice whether or not you provide sexual services to female clients. Here are some tips for how to check female clients for STI’s.

While all vaginas are not the same, when it comes to an STI check, all vaginas should be treated the same.

Performing an STI check on a cis-woman (ie a woman who was assigned female at birth ‘AFAB’) or a trans-woman (with vagina formed as a result of medical intervention) is the same. It can be more difficult than if you were with a male client because it may be harder to spot visible signs of STI’s within the folds of the labia and opening of the vagina.

Also in Australian culture there is an expectation that women will take their hygiene more seriously than men. Because of this women may take it more personally when confronted with this necessary part of the booking.

Sensual massage, and hand stimulation can be the best way of getting around these problems, as you are leading into the checking for STI’s, without their knowledge.

Good lighting is needed; have their genitals facing the direction of the light while you play with their vagina.

Open up the labia lips. Try using a tiny bit of lubricant to wipe away any excess discharge and mucous build-up so that you can see what the fresh vaginal discharge looks like. A healthy discharge should be clear to pearly white and without an offensive odour.

What to look for:

  • Sores, with a discharge. Pimples can be caused from shaving or waxing i.e. ingrown hairs.
  • Rashes, lumps, and bumps.
  • Chafed thighs, if the skin is broken.  
  • Herpes looks like boils.  
  • A strong smelling discharge, from the vagina.

“If there are signs of STI’s you may choose to use hand relief or sex toys as a way of not losing the booking.  Especially if by this stage you are halfway through the booking and you don’t want to give the money back”


Dams are not known well in the general community. Dams are thin sheets of latex that can be used to lie across the genitalia (vagina or anus) before licking.  Check out the Respect Inc information sheet on Dams for more detailed instructions on how to use them. Just like condoms, when used properly it doesn’t interrupt or dampen a sexual encounter. Dams can be very sensual and sexy too.


If you are a male sex worker seeing a female client you might feel that there is not as much need of safety strategies. Yet it is best to still collect the cash at the start of the booking, and check your surroundings if you are doing an out call.  For female sex workers is strongly recommended that you use the same safety strategies in every booking regardless of the gender of the client.

While all vaginas are not the same, when it comes to an STI check, all vaginas should be treated the same.


All material in this information sheet is provided for your information only and may not be construed as legal, medical or health advice or instruction.

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