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Respect Inc keeps strict confidentiality in all our activities.  We will NOT pass on any personal record or information you give us to any other person or agency unless we have your written agreement.

We usually do not keep case files, however if we do so, we have procedures in place to handle them with care and dispose them responsibly.

We respect, understand and value sex workers’ privacy and we are aware of the seriousness of the consequences when breaching confidentiality.

We maintain our peers’ privacy and confidentiality by:

  • not using or storing identifying information about you unless it is absolutely necessary; you can use your ‘working name’ or any other name you given us to call you by.

  • not taking any files out of the office that may have your personal details in them.

  • keeping any files that have your information in them in a safe and secure place.

  • not discussing you with, or giving any of your personal identifying information to, any other person or agency unless we have your written consent. When talking to another agency (e.g. lawyers, police, doctor or social worker), we need you to give us your consent by signing a release of information or consent to share confidential information form, which states what is the purpose of the conversation and what is going to be discussed.

  • collecting only legitimate statistical information that we need to give to funding bodies like Queensland Health. This will not include any personal identifying information.

  • ensuring that all staff, volunteers, State Coordinator and Management Committee members sign a confidentiality and work practices agreement before commencing work at Respect Inc. This agreement includes that we do not discuss you or anything that happens at Respect Inc with anyone who is not employed by or on the Management Committee of Respect Inc.

  • ensuring that we will provide a private space or make selected time for you if you wish to discuss with a Respect Inc worker about something that is private and confidential.

  • keeping your mailing contact details (for a subscription or mailing list) in a database that is password protected and that only a Respect Inc personnel have access to.

  • ensuring that all new peers coming into Respect Inc are given our Peer Information booklet to read so they are aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to confidentiality.

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