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List of Supplies & Prices

Here is our list of sex work supplies and prices (current as of April 2020). Not all products are available in each office, and sometimes we even have more! Call, text or email ahead so we can prepare your order for you. Or drop in and browse the shelves.


● Four Seasons Naked – regular, larger or closer fit
● Four Seasons Naked – flavoured or coloured
● Four Seasons Super Fit
● Glyde – ultra, slimfit, flavoured or coloured
● Ansell Lifestyle – regular, closer fit
● Ansell Nuda
We can also do mix boxes. 


Glyde Personal Lubricant:
● 500mls, 1 litre or 5 litres
Wet Stuff:
● Vitamin E or Gold Gold
● All sizes from 4 grams to 5 kilos

And more

● Dams
● Sponges – wet or dry


CondomsQuantityMember priceNon-member price
Half a box (72)$15$17.50
A strip (3)$1$1.20
A full box (144)$30$35
Glyde non-latex condom1$1.50$2
FC2 Internal/Female condoms1$2.50$3

SpongesQuantityMember priceNon-member price
Beppy wet1$3.50$4

DamsQuantityMember priceNon-member price
Glyde Dams1$0.80$1

LubesTypesVolumeMember priceNon-member price
Four SeasonsPump500ml$10$12
Sachets5ml x 100$20$20
Wet StuffTube Plain/Gold100g$4.50$5
Pump Plain/Gold270g$8$10
Sachets Vitamin E4g x 100$15$15
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