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Contacts/ ผู้ติดต่อ / 聯絡人: Asian Peer Educators – Aatee Indeed (ฉันพูดภาษาไทย) or Zoe Wen (我會說中文)
Phone: Aatee 0487 005 333 or Zoe 0437 000 724
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Anti discrimination Act review – have your say! 推动『昆士兰州反歧视法』革新 – 说出您的心声!

There is a review of the Anti-Discrimination Act (QLD) underway and it is our opportunity as sex workers and as a sex worker organisation to recommend changes to ensure that discrimination against sex workers is unlawful. 推动『昆士兰州反歧视法』革新 – 诚挚邀请您,参与问卷调查或是提交您身为性产业工作者,对于反歧视法革新的意见书/信访。《反歧视法》(QLD)的法律革新审查正在进行中,作为性工作者和性工作者组织,我们有机会提出修改建议,以确保对性工作者的歧视是非法的。

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Sex Worker Vaccination advocacy statement Dec 2021. 澳洲性工作者社群团体给政府的一份联合公开声明 :强制接种疫苗非正确的公共卫生政策

Mandatory vaccination forces sex workers to interact with a system that has no accommodations around crucial safety and privacy concerns. 目前在大多數地方州或領地政府轄區實施的強制性工作者接種新冠疫苗的政策細節中完全沒有顧慮到性服務工作者相當重視的個人安全和隱私問題。

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