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The dental dams we use to practice safer sex are a little bit different from the dental dams use by dentists; they are larger and thinner.

What are you going to be reading about?…

  • What are they?
  • Uses for dental dams
  • What to use if you can’t find a dental dam
  • Warnings

What are they?

They’re thin sheets of latex cut into a rectangular shape. Dams can be used as a barrier during all kinds of oral sex including:

  • oral to anal contact (rimming),
  • oral to vaginal contact
  • when licking the inner thighs
  • when sucking testicals
  • or any mouth-genital contact.  

During sex, the latex dam is placed across yours, or your client’s, genitals to prevent their tongue, or your tongue, from touching their genital skin, semen or other secretions.  

It is very important not to stretch dams. Dams become firm and stiff when stretched, which means they lose sensitivity and become more like a plastic bag. Not sexy! Keep them loose to take advantage of their sexy, slippery, sensuous texture. Hold them in place with a little bit of extra so that it will have some ‘give’ once you get licking.

Like condoms, dams come in different flavours.

Uses for dental dams

Dental dams can be used for many different things including:

Oral sex on a vagina –. To use a dental dam on a vagina:

1. Read the instructions on the plastic bag it comes in for a refresher course.

2. Pull the dam out of the pack it comes in.

3. Hold it up to the light to make sure it has no holes or tears in it.

4. Shake it about or run it under water to shake the excess water off because they have a light powder covering on them.

5. Add a small smear of lube to the dam, which will lubricate it a little bit, help it stick to the genitals and increase the level of stimulation.  There is no worse feeling than something rubbing up against a dry vagina or butt-hole.

6. Either you or your partner lies back (if your client has a vagina) and opens their legs so you’re able to lay the dam completely across the vaginal area.

7. You can either hold it in place yourself or ask your client to hold two corners.  They can be fiddly to hold down and can ride up or down depending on the mouth action of the person giving the oral. Practise makes perfect!

8. Once you have finished using the dental dam, remember to stick it back in the bag it came in and dispose of it in the garbage bin.  Don’t flush it down the toilet or it will clog the toilet.

9. Be careful when using a dental dam on yourself that it doesn’t ride or slip up if it has been near your butt.

“Urinary tract infections can be caused by getting fecal matter onto your vagina that is then introduced inside your vagina when you bonk your client or use a toy on yourself.”

Ball licking – dental dams can be used if your client either wants to lick your balls, or if you need to lick your client’s balls. There are two ways to do this:

1. Put a dab of lube on the dam, hold the dam over the balls and lick.

2. Punch a hole in the middle of the dental dam and put it over the penis so the dam rests at the base of the penis.

3. Pull the two corners down and lick.  Doing it this way means you only need to keep hold of two corners of the dam because the penis holds the top half of the dam in place. This method can be great if you need to give your client a head job or if you have a dick and he wants to give you a head job at the same time as ball licking is happening.

If the dental dam is secured to the body, you don’t need to worry about putting it down and picking it up again where you could risk picking it up and licking the side that was facing the skin.

Rimming – this is where you or your client licks the other person’s butt.

They are important in rimming because they reduce the risks of all the usual STIs being transmitted, but also help with not transmitting or contracting Hep A (fecal matter to mouth) and Shigella.  Dental dams can also cut down the smell if a client hasn’t washed their anus properly.

To use a dental dam for rimming, use the same steps as above in ‘oral sex’, but instead of spreading it across a vagina, spread it across the butthole. If they have big butt cheeks and a very deep arse crevice you might want to lay it horizontally.

Cock rings – a cock ring is a device which restricts blood flow in the penis, which will make a dick harder.  It works the same way as a tourniquet that people use when giving blood—it lets the blood run in but not run out, causing the veins and area to swell.  

If you don’t have a smaller size condom to use as a cock ring, you can use a dam by wrapping it around the base of the dick and tying it off.

You have to be careful not to tie it too tight however and cut off the blood flow in the artery, because the artery carries blood into the penis.  No artery blood flow = no hard on.

They are a lot easier to remove than metal or heavy rubber cock rings and there is less chance of leaving bruises around the base of the dick.

You need to be careful that the dam doesn’t slide up the cock, however, because it may push the condom up the shaft of the cock.

Tie and Tease – if your client doesn’t want to use a dental dam, you can try to redirect him into using one by introducing it as a kinky sex toy.  

Dams are made out of very pliable, light latex, which makes them perfect for a tickle, caressing someone’s skin and for tying around someone’s wrist to restrain them.

Once your client sees how versatile and fun they are, and how they feel on the skin, they may be more likely to want to use them in the bedroom including for oral sex.

What to use if you can’t find a dental dam

If you do not have a dental dam you can use a condom.  Be careful with the type of lube on the condom in case it is a heating condom or has a numbing agent on it, which will either numb or burn the mouth if licked.

You do this by:

1. Cutting the tip off a condom.

2. Cut down one side of the condom.

3. Flatten it out.

If you do not have a dental dam you can use a latex glove. You do this by:

1. Cutting the fingers off the glove.

2. Cut down the side of the glove.

3. Laid flat you will have a square piece of latex to use as a dam.


  • Be careful not to leave them where children can get them or the plastic bag they come in because they are a suffocation and choking hazard.
  • You need to store them and look after them the same way you would a condom because latex degrades if left in the light or in hot rooms.
  • Be careful what lube you use with them because some silicone lubes and mineral-based oils or lube can cause the latex to degrade, causing the dam to get sticky or break.


All material in this information sheet is provided for your information only and may not be construed as legal, medical or health advice or instruction.

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