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Australia Cracker

Posting simple ad = 5 credits.
Upon sign up you receive 100.00 credits
Ads will stay published for 14 days
Posting sponsored add = 20 credits
Advertisement will be published in two places
In sponsored section for 1 week and in general section for 14 days

Workers report negative experiences with this site, particularly the owner.
Website described as “dodgy”.
In small, rural & regional towns, however, seems successful & positive.
Very limited male advertisers with mostly men ‘advertising’ heterosexual services

Available Angels

1 month $49
3 month $140 (save $7)
6 month $240 (save $40
12 month $420 (save $60)

Multiple workers report not receiving a single booking during three-month advertising periods. Reportedly low traction & difficult to use.
Website’s owner is reportedly open to feedback & sex-worker friendly.


Standard free
Auto republish $2
Premium $5

Workers experiencing financial hardship can contact this site to discuss free tokens.

Reportedly works well in rural & regional areas.

Dakota Dice

Currently free advertising, awaiting information on a price restructuring.

Sex worker owned and operated.


Regular $11.99/week or $39.99/month

VIP $10.99/3 days or $23.99/week or $89.99/month

Reportedly this site is doing well in New Zealand.

Escorts and Babes

Weekly $10
Standard $47
Featured Independent (4 weeks) $110
12 weeks From $300 includes 2 Renewals
4 week Elite Featured $180 includes 3 weekly renewals.
Featured plus home page from $75 per week in multiples

(Prices as

Workers report a good Ugly Mug database, though many comments are racist.

Success is reportedly mixed, the site itself has high traction & workers do receive enquiries.






You can find fetish clients discreetly on here, although many workers have found it difficult. (formerly

One days print/newspaper ad starts at $68.75 and gets you a month online too.

Price varies depending on where you advertise. It appears you can also do a per day or 5 day package, though prices for online alone are unclear.

Enhanced online ad $45
standard online and print ad $60
Standard online and stand out print ad $69

This is the one that Courier Mail and Bulletin advertisers are forced to also advertise on.

Workers report that the site is quite negative towards sex workers.

However there are workers finding clients through this site.





Sex workers are not “allowed” to advertise on Grindr so it is important to use specific language so as not to get picked up & banned by bots. 

However many have worked on grindr successfully. You can make a throw away profile and use ‘code’ to let people know you are offering paid services.

Ivy Societe

Currently free until approx. January 2023 then options of $49, $119 or $199 per month



Owned and run by a sex worker. No feedback from workers yet.
If you have feedback on this site, please contact us here:


Free ads in some regional cities, not free for Brisbane ads.
Top ad $34.95 / 1 week
Premium $14.95 extra per listing for 1 week
Gallery ad $34.95 for 1 week
$139.80 per listing for 1 month

Sections for BDSM & Fetish, section for men seeking men and men seeking women. No section for women seeking men.
Homophobic towards male workers (often move ads for male workers into Men for women section) – However it can lead to work and many male workers place free ads in some sections.

 Workers warn to only use debit cards not credit cards to pay for advertising as they have an alleged history of overcharging.

Mixed success; some workers report frequent bookings whilst others report a high percentage of timewasters.

Locanto is reportedly the advertising space where trans workers can successfully get work. However, clients search for trans workers using language & terms that reinforce fetishisation, often including slurs. In order to get work, trans workers are forced to participate in using language that reduces their humanity and puts their safety at risk.

Locanto does not require clients to provide an email or phone number. This has been taken advantage of & violated by a client who was a police officer Ugly Mug. After this happened, the worker was unable to warn other workers as there was no information about him collected by Locanto. This is something workers must be aware of.


Massage Guys

5 tokens for 14 days

1 Token = $1

Silver 1.75 tokens/day
Gold 2.5 tokens/day
Platinum 3 tokens/day

When you sign up you receive 2 free tokens.
Advertising is a credit system but a basic ad is around $30 for a month.





Reportedly some very good experiences from this site and it has a lot of male workers from Brisbane and some regional as well.

Mayfair Confidential

90 day free trial offer and free basic subscription advertising for all regional based workers. Advertising available for Male & Trans workers

Basic $5/week
Premium $10/week




Workers report low traffic and/or no bookings.

Naughty Ads



SAVE $33


SAVE $15

SAVE $90



It has been reported that Naughty Ads has shown support towards sex workers and their advertising needs

Has limited ‘real’ sex work ads from men in Brisbane with mostly heterosexual ‘advertisers’.

Pay Gal

Free for the first month if signed up – need to provide full name, email & mobile number.

Doesn’t have good feedback; cold contacting workers on social media enticing them to advertise & don’t seem to have much traction.

Play Luxx

Free to advertise



Play Luxx only accepts professional photos. It’s for all genders.
Formerly known as Skissr

Private Girls

Need to register as an escort with the site before being able to see advertising prices – information collected is working name, working phone number & working email.

Reportedly donate money to “rescue” organisations & don’t have good customer service.

Real Babes

Get 28 free credits when you sign up.
Advertise for 1 credit per day (average credit price is $1).
Credits can be purchased in packages. For more on this, see:




Worker reported you needed to have real photos of yourself -no avatar. The contact with the owner was brilliant. When putting your ad up there is a vast range of options to suit everyone’s needs from specfying your race, size, and how you’d like to be contacted, by phone or SMS. They had a consistent flow of clients by keeping the ad fresh.
If you have feedback on this site, please contact us here:

Rent Boy Australia

$60/year for basic package, premium and add-ons for higher price. 




Cheap but awful – Reported some have received some work from it but LOTS of time wasters. Have to pay via bank transfer. Not very user friendly..

Rent Men

Basic  29.95
Gold  79.95




This is a popular site for male workers, and includes advertising from Townsville, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian locations. They charge more for your ad to appear at the top of each search page, client has to scroll down to get to the cheaper ads.

Has picked up traction in Brisbane. One of the more expensive sites to advertise on for men but some guys make good money from it.

Scarlet Blue

Standard $66 monthly

City premium $132 (Allows touring information)

Multi Five City $396 (5 city advertising)

Multi Seven City $495 (7 city advertising)
(prices at

This site used to be run impeccably but its services to advertisers has created many problems since it was sold to Eros (not the Australian Eros). However, it is still reported as a successful platform on which to get work.

Previously sex workers who advertised on SB had & shared the mobile contact number of the sex worker that ran it – providing a direct line of response – it is now run by an international company that has no connection to (or care for) the people using the platform.

Some workers no longer feel comfortable since new ownership, however report a high amount of bookings from previous advertisements with the site.

Workers report concerns with how their private information is potentially shared by the new site owners. Scarlet Blue is now requesting personal photo identification in order to advertise on this site, currently they are accepting passports and are not accepting drivers licences. 

Earlier in 2020 workers were having trouble with their new invoice system, because it didn’t have ABN information, which means if you are doing a BAS statement, or tax lodgement, you cannot claim for Scarlet Blue any longer. When the company changed hands some workers received invoices for advertising they had not taken out. The emails were also addressed to incorrect names, indicating a database breach/problem at the company.

Other feedback includes members paying for touring packages, had their tours removed and couldn’t add them back, and members information like race/ethnicity has been changed and can’t be changed back.

A few ways the new company has been problematic: 

– reduction of payment options (with no notice)

– no response to admin support requests 

– complaints met with an aggressive responses

– adverts not going up when set up & no response from admin support for days 

– change to advertising parameters (what you get for the money you pay).

Be informed about the above problems. Clients are still visiting this site.





 Similar to Grindr, this is a dating site, you sign up and it creates ‘matches’.

Some have worked using scruff by linking to their website and also mentioning some of their work. You can use a code for providing sexual massage services on there – for example – “I give a mean massage – contact me”. Some have received a sizable section of work from Scruff.

Sensations Down Under

Sensations Down Under offers numerous packages that will be released at a later stage. Currently SDU is free to advertise, at least for the first 6 months or until January 2023.



If you have feedback on this site, please contact us here:

Sex Work Oz Promotions

 Seems to be free. To be advertising you have to send them an email with your details and photo.



Workers report positive relationships with the site, especially on Twitter; they will re-tweet and promote workers when tagged.

Useful for backlinking websites.

This site also scrapes ads from other locations.

There are a few Queensland based trans workers on this site but no feedback about success.

Some Asian workers report getting work from here.

Some workers report low/no enquiries.


Run by sex workers.

More info on their twitter feed at:





This was a good networking site when Twitter appeared to be deleting most sex worker accounts. 

Workers report Switter not currently accepting new sign ups. 


Lite Free Available now once per day = Limited messaging and Low priority Support

Basic €35 month = Messaging and Support

Standard €60 month = ‘Available now function, Messaging, Support and Personalised sub-domain

Premium  €85 month = ‘Available now’ function, Messaging, Support and Personalised sub-domain

(information from

Workers report increasing enquiries recently.

One owner is a sex worker.





This is a site for trans women workers.

There are genuine advertisers from Queensland on this site, but we don’t have any feedback at this time. 
If you have feedback on this site, please contact us here:

Extra feedback about using social media wisely


Twitter can be a helpful advertising platform for workers who identify as female & provide BDSM services. Explicit sex work profiles can be taken down by Twitter, it appears random when this happens. So spending a lot of time on Twitter should be balanced with the knowledge that your account can be taken down or shadow banned without a chance for repeal.

Scraping refers to advertising sites copying & stealing workers’ ads from other sites. This can be extremely dangerous if your personal information, including your photo & phone number is included in the ad & the scraping site changes your ad to list illegal services, this can lead to you being charged. It is extremely important to check for scraping – you can do this by reverse searching your photos and/or your phone number, or by using TinEye.

Trans workers are often discriminated against by sites marketing themselves as ethical. This is done in several ways, namely only featuring cis women on the front page, along with not including gender-diverse sections on their sites to allow for transparency of advertising. Workers report that Tryst and Scarlet Blue now have trans sections, however it should be noted that Scarlet Blue is not currently recommended after being sold to new owners. Trans workers report that advertising on these sites has not proved useful.

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