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You can make an anonymous request for an appointment at Crimson Clinic using this form. For more information, see Crimson Clinic is for sex workers only, you will need a current Medicare number, and testing is 100% free. The Doctors and Nurses are volunteers, the staff at the front desk are from Respect Inc.

您可以使用此表格匿名申请性健康检测预约。有关更多信息,请参阅 本诊所只为性工作者提供检测服务,您需要一有效的 Medicare 澳洲公共健康保险卡 号码预约看诊,我们为您提供的服务为 100% 免费。在场的医生和护士皆为志愿工作者,前台工作人员则为同为性工作者的 Respect Inc 人员。


Crimson Appointment Request Form 2021

To secure an appointment, Respect Inc does not need any identifying information from you. When you arrive for the appointment, the clinic requires a current Medicare number and legal name so they can do the tests for free. 您不需要您提供任何身份信息来预约看诊。当您到达诊所时,我们需要您当前有效的 Medicare 号码和法定姓名,以便医疗人员可以为您免费进行检测。
Respect Inc recommend you provide a secure and reliable method of communication so we can confirm the appointment time with you. 建议您提供一种安全可靠的联络方式,以确保我们能与您确认预约时间。
The type of appointment I would like is: 我想要预约的检测服务类型是:(必填)(Required)
The Clinic is open once a fortnight on a Wednesday night 本诊所的服务时间是每两周的周三晚上开放服务
All Appointments are fortnightly on a Wednesday, between 6pm and 7:30pm 所有预约时间都是每两周一次的星期三,下午 6 点至晚上 7 点 30 分(必填)(Required)

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