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Crimson Clinic FAQ

Q: Who runs Crimson Clinic?

A: Crimson Clinic is run by Respect Inc in collaboration with Queensland Council for LGBTI Health, who have provided us with a space and medical facilities to run Crimson. The staff at the front desk are Respect Inc staff, who are all sex worker peers. One nurse at the clinic is also a peer; the doctors and other nurses are non-peers. They have completed training with Respect Inc on working with sex workers. Queensland Council uses Sullivan Nicolaides to process their lab tests, so our tests will be processed there too. See here for their privacy policy.


Q: Does Crimson Clinic provide the paperwork required for work at a licensed brothel?

A: Yes. This is called a Certificate of Attendance (Health Cert), and you receive it at your appointment. Most appointments will take about 20 minutes.


Q: What type of tests does Crimson Clinic provide?

A: Crimson provides free sexual health tests, which include throat swabs, vaginal swabs, rectal swabs, urine tests and blood tests. You may not need all of these tests at each visit. 

The reason for your visit to Crimson Clinic will influence the tests we offer and the length of your appointment. For example:

  • You have no STI symptoms or recent exposures (like a broken condom) and you just need a Certificate of Attendance for your workplace.
  • You have symptoms that concern you or a recent exposure to someone you think might have an STI. 
  • You would like a sexual health screen and you do not have symptoms of an STI.
  • You were recently treated for an STI and would like a ‘clearance’ test to make sure the treatment was successful.


Q: What kind of information about me does Respect Inc collect when I book an appointment?

A: To book the appointment, you can use your preferred name. You can book using our online form or by calling the Meanjin office. On the night, we need your legal name, date of birth and Medicare number for the required forms. Respect Inc does not keep this information, but it is kept in the Queensland Council internal booking and medical history software system. 


Q: How are the tests taken?

A: You can collect urine tests and vaginal and rectal swabs yourself. A throat swab can be self-administered, or can be done by the nurse. Blood tests will be performed by the nurse. 


Q: What are the details of all the tests?

A: Most of the time, we will test for: 

  • Chlamydia – urine and (optional) throat and rectal swabs.
  • Gonorrhea – urine and (optional) throat and rectal swabs.
  • HIV – blood test. 
  • Syphilis – blood test and swabs of sores, if they are present. This is an antibody test, so if you have ever been infected with syphilis, it will come back positive. Other tests will then be run to determine if you have a current, new infection. 

Depending on your history and any specific concerns or symptoms, we can also test for hepatitis C (blood test) and herpes (blood test, swabs of sores). These are both antibody tests like the test for syphilis. If indicated, we can also test for other STIs, such as Mycoplasma Genitalium and Trichomonas Vaginalis (swabs). 

Even if we take blood for multiple tests, you will only need to have one venepuncture (needle in your arm). 


Q: I really dislike getting these tests. How is Crimson different?

A: The front desk is run by sex workers from Respect Inc. At Crimson, we encourage you to say no to any examination if you are not comfortable with it. You can let us know in confidence about any concerns you have with any tests or examinations, and we can discuss alternatives.


Q: Why does Crimson Clinic need my personal details when I arrive for a sexual health test?

A: To receive a free sexual health tests you must provide:

  • a legal name
  • a date of birth
  • a Medicare number that matches these details. 

These details go on the Medicare forms that the nurse and doctor must fill out and the labels for your swabs and blood tests when they are sent to the pathology centre Sullivan Nicolaides. Respect Inc does not keep this information or take it off site. Your information will remain on file at the clinic and at Sullivan Nicolaides in accordance with their privacy policies. We will always call you by your preferred name.


Q: When and how do I get my results?

A: There are a few ways you can choose to receive your results.

  • You can choose to receive an ‘all clear’ SMS the same week as your tests, or a phone call from the doctor or nurse if you have any positive results. Positive results must be given over the phone, not via text message. 
  • You can choose to have your results sent to your usual GP. If you would like to do this, bring their contact details with you. If you have a positive result, you can receive treatment from your usual GP.
  • You can become a patient at the Queensland Council for LGBTI Health, make an appointment and receive your result that way. If you have a positive result, you will also be able to receive treatment at that appointment. 


Q: What happens if the tests show I have an infection?

A: You can choose to:

  • have your results sent to your usual GP. You can then make an appointment with them to receive treatment. 
  • become a patient at the Queensland Council for LGBTI Health, make an appointment and receive treatment. 

It’s a good idea to book in a ‘clearance’ test a month later, so you can be certain the treatment worked. You can do that at Crimson Clinic using the booking form.


Q: Can I get treated at Crimson Clinic?
A: If you have symptoms of an STI at your Crimson Clinic appointment, the doctor may prescribe treatment that can be given straight away. This will either be a tablet, an injection or both and will be administered by the doctor or nurse. You should come back for a ‘clearance’ test at a later date to make sure treatment was effective.


Q: Can I come back to Crimson Clinic for treatment if I get a positive result?

A: Because Crimson Clinic is only open once every two weeks, if you receive a positive result via phone the fastest way to receive treatment and get back to work is to make an appointment with a GP as soon as you can. If the next Crimson Clinic is the soonest you can see a doctor, then you will receive treatment here. 

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