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Contacts/ ผู้ติดต่อ / 聯絡人: Asian Peer Educators – Aatee Indeed (ฉันพูดภาษาไทย)
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Rights and Responsibilities 您的合法權利與責任

A Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities when dealing with Australian Government Agencies in your workplaces
(DIAC, ATO, state and Federal police):


新译本 Chinese 1

한국어 Korean 1

ภาษาไทย Thai



Crimson Clinic

Crimson Clinic

Shop 16 Central Brunswick, 421 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley (entry off Martin Street)

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Anti discrimination Act review – have your say! 推动『昆士兰州反歧视法』革新 – 说出您的心声!

There is a review of the Anti-Discrimination Act (QLD) underway and it is our opportunity as sex workers and as a sex worker organisation to recommend changes to ensure that discrimination against sex workers is unlawful. 推动『昆士兰州反歧视法』革新 – 诚挚邀请您,参与问卷调查或是提交您身为性产业工作者,对于反歧视法革新的意见书/信访。《反歧视法》(QLD)的法律革新审查正在进行中,作为性工作者和性工作者组织,我们有机会提出修改建议,以确保对性工作者的歧视是非法的。

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