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The Respect 2022 workshop program is finally here – Jam packed with exciting new workshops and skillshares.

All workshops in 2022 are FREE. Most are sex worker led and online through GoogleMeet (with video or by phone audio), and start at 11am Queensland time. To RSVP to any of the workshops please contact or go to


Please note if you are joining via google meet it will display the name you have used for your account. Respect recommends creating or using a google account that doesn’t use your legal name.


Unless otherwise specified all workshops are run by peers and are 100% sex worker only spaces.


Navigating Sex Work and Relationships – 27th July 2022

Navigating Sex Work and Relationships – 27th July 2022

Relationships and being a sex worker can be tricky. Come and join us for a short panel discussion and then feel free to talk about your own experiences in this skillshare.

ขอเชิญร่วมเวิร์คช็อป 27th July 2022 เทคนิดกลไกของการทำงานทางด้านเชิงโมเดิร์นในปัจจุบันมาให้ได้ไปให้ถึงอย่าลืมมาร่วมนะคะ 



Migrant Sex Worker Experiences - Workshop in Thai Language – 17th August 2022

Migrant Sex Worker Experiences – Workshop in Thai Language – 17th August 2022

คนไทยเวิร์คช็อปออนไลน์เม้าส์มอยส์สุดปังสุดปังเจิ้น (ไม่กั้ก)เล่าแชร์ประสบการณ์เพื่อคนไทยพูดภาษาไทยอย่าพลาดนะคะ17th August 2022 

สำหรับนางแบบเพื่อนางแบบคนไทยเท่านั้นผู้ร่วมกระทู้ในครั้งนี้คือ คุณมิย่า 

สกาเล็ตร่มแดง, คุณเบอร์ดี้จากสว๊อป-ซิดนีย์, เอที่ – จากรีสเปค บริ้สเบน, และคุณปิงปองจากเอ็มพาวเวอร์ประเทศไทย

A Thai-language-run workshop presented by Miya, Birdie, Aatee and Empower. Migrant sex worker knowledge from a peer education experience. Workshop at special time of 1:00 pm Queensland time. Online workshop


It’s September! Have You Done Your Tax Yet? – 7 September 2022

It’s September! Have You Done Your Tax Yet?  – 7th September 2022

Come along and get the information you need and ask questions from tax experts. Presented by Bridget Haff. Online workshop.

ออนไลน์เวิร์คช็อป คุณได้ทำแท็ก return หรือยังติดตามสอบถามขายคล่องปัญหามาร่วมจอยเวิร์คช็อปนะคะ


History of the Modern Sex Work Movement – 6th July 2022

History of the Modern Sex Work Movement – 6th July 2022
Come and join us for a fascinating talk about the history of the modern sex work movement and its relevance to the challenges we face now. Presented by Dr Elena Jeffreys. Online workshop. For a deep dive see here for Elena’s PhD

ขอเชิญเข้าร่วม 6 June2022 เวิร์คช็อปเทคนิคและกลไกลการเคลื่อนไหวของงานบริการทางเพศสมัยใหม่และมีความเกี่ยวข้องกับความท้าทายที่เราเผชิญอยู่ในขณะนี้

Dr. Elena Jeffreys ดอกเตอร์อีลีน่าเจฟฟรีย์เป็นผู้นำเสนอ อย่าพลาดกันน่ะค่ะ


BDSM 101 – 15th June 2022

Have you been curious about how you can start providing BDSM services to clients? Hazy from Respect has been working as a male Pro Dom for the last ten years and will take you through some simple ways to start, as well as exploring ways in which you can develop your skills or hone what you might want to offer. Online workshop.


Get Ready For Tax Time! 您准备好要报税了吗!– 25th May 2022

White picture frame on red background. Pink inside with cut out white paper. Written on the paper is Legal vs Illegal?

It’s almost that time of year again! Empire Finance are hosting a special workshop run by people with past sex work experience. 又到了一年中申报工作收入的那个时候! Empire Finance 帝国金融服务的一位退休的性工作者主持此税务研讨座谈会。


What are My Rights if I Want to Make a Police Report? 如果我想报警,我有哪些权利?– 4th May 2022
Red background with white picture frame. Two sex toys on picture with the text fuck you pay me.
Hear it directly from a police officer. This is an anonymous session that will be held via Zoom.
* no cameras or names of participants will be viewable
**presenter is a police officer.

因为此座谈主讲者为一位昆士兰警官,所以这是以 Zoom 平台举行的在线匿名座谈(不会显示参与者的影像或姓名)。

Respect Round Table 2022 工作者协会年度圆桌会议 – 9th–10th May 2022

Two days of online workshops and information from Queensland sex workers.


The Wheel of Consent and Sex Work 性工作与性许可的转轮 – 2nd March 2022

Black frame on red background with text UNITE in various languages


This workshop takes a look at ‘want’ and ‘willing’ and how this applies to us as sex workers. In addition, it looks at how to slow things down with this knowledge. 本次研讨会将探讨何谓「want 性欲求」和「willing 性意愿」,以及如何利用这些概念在提供性服务时与客户周旋~ 此外,利用这些概念延长服务的时间、获取最大收益。

Facilitated by Nirvana Pilkington.

Mental Health Check-In 自我心理保健 – 23rd March 2022

White picture frame on red background. Inside are colorful condoms with the text sex workers rights are human rights.

Everyone needs a mental health check-in occasionally. Join us for a workshop led by Lena Lundell as we explore the mental health techniques we use as sex workers. Online workshop.每个人偶尔都需要观照自我的心理健康状态。邀请您参与由心理辅导员(前性工作者)Lena Lundell 主持的研讨会,探索我们作为性工作者使用的心理保健技巧。线上(在线)座谈。

Let’s Get Decriminalised 推动性产业除罪化 – 13th April 2022

White picture frame on red background. Inside two hands are holding torn paper with the text Violence should not be an occupational hazard

Come along for a submission writing workshop held by DecrimQLD and find out about the Queensland law reform commission review of sex work! 参加由 DecrimQLD 昆士兰州性产业除罪化推动委员会举办的法案改革个人意见书撰写研讨会,并了解昆士兰州法律改革委员会对于性工作产业的审析。

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