Anti discrimination Act review – have your say! 推动『昆士兰州反歧视法』革新 – 说出您的心声! | Respect QLD

There is a review of the Anti-Discrimination Act (QLD) underway and it is our opportunity as sex workers and as a sex worker organisation to recommend changes to ensure that discrimination against sex workers is unlawful. 推动『昆士兰州反歧视法』革新 – 诚挚邀请您,参与问卷调查或是提交您身为性产业工作者,对于反歧视法革新的意见书/信访。《反歧视法》(QLD)的法律革新审查正在进行中,作为性工作者和性工作者组织,我们有机会提出修改建议,以确保对性工作者的歧视是非法的。

Sex workers disproportionately experience discrimination in many areas of life. Discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably because of an ‘attribute’, for example because they are a sex worker. The majority of discrimination cases go unreported because the legislation and complaints process does not meet our needs. 性工作者在生活的许多领域受到歧视。歧视是指某人因“属性”而受到不利待遇,例如因为他们是性工作者。大多数歧视案件没有被正式举报,因为目前的法令和投诉程序并不符合我们性服务业的需求。

The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act attempts to provide coverage for sex workers under the protected attribute ‘lawful sexual activity’; however, this only provides limited coverage. 虽然目前的昆士兰反歧视法已有为所谓“合法性性活动”属性下的性工作者提供某些反歧视保护,目前的反歧视保护仍非常有限。

Along with sex workers in other states and territories we are calling for the protected ‘attribute’ to change from ‘lawful sexual activity’ to ‘sex worker’ and ‘sex work’. 我们与其他州和领地的性工作者们齐心呼吁各地方政府,将受反歧视保障的“属性”从“合法性活动”转变为“性工作者”和“性工作”。

We’ve made an Info sheet on how to have your say on the Anti-Discrimination Act review and how to get the laws changed to protect sex workers – download   我们制作了一份信息表,介绍如何在反歧视法案审查中发表意见,以及如何修改法律以保护性工作者 – 下载

There are multiple ways to have your voice heard, and you can contribute using your name or anonymously. There are options for how you add your views: 有多种方式可以向政府表达您的心声,您可以具名或匿名投稿。或利用其它媒体或媒介表达您的意见:

  • fill in the online survey, or 填写在线问卷调查,或
  • write a submission, or 撰写一份意见书,或
  • use other forms of multimedia (including audio, video content, image or artwork) to advocate for changes that will better protect sex workers. 使用其他形式的多媒体(包括音频、视频内容、图像或艺术作品)来倡导社会能够正视性工作者们因为不完善的法律保障而遭受的不平等对待。

If you choose to fill in the online survey, we have provided some points to consider in the Info Sheet to help you answer some of the more technical questions. Please note that depending on how you answer the first questions the numbers in the survey may be different but you will still have the opportunity to answer the key questions. You will find the survey via this link: 如果您选择填写在线调查,我们提供了一些需要考虑的要点,以帮助您回答一些较复杂的问题。(请注意,根据您回答第一个问题的方式,出现的问卷题数可能会有所不同,但您仍然有机会回答关键问题。 )请利用以下连结填写问卷

DecrimQLD and Respect Inc produced the Info Sheet to try to ensure that as many sex workers as possible can inform the Anti-Discrimination Act review. DecrimQLD 和 Respect Inc 制作了信息表,以确保尽可能多的性工作者可以告知并完善反歧视法审查。

Survey/Submission help. We are available to help you complete the survey or submission. You can drop-in to our Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville of Cairns offices or give us a call during open times. Contact details at  我们提供 填写问卷调查/提交意见书 的协助 – 我们可以帮助您完成调查或撰写政策意见书。您可以前往我们的布里斯班、黄金海岸、凯恩斯汤斯维尔办事处或在开放时间致电我们。联系方式

Online Forum 13th October 12 noon – We held an online forum on 13th October to discuss the review and what sex workers needed changed. 在线论坛 10 月 13 日中午 12 点 – 我们还将在 10 月 13 日星期三中午 12 点举行在线论坛,讨论审查以及性工作者需要改变的内容。如果您想参加,请通过 回复这个仅限性工作者的讨论。

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