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Hey Hustler!


Respect Inc. promotes the health, wellbeing, dignity and rights of young people engaged in sex work, whether it be opportunistically, for money or in the form of sexual favours. We take a harm reduction approach that seeks to minimise the risks involved for young people, by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and tools required to keep their bodies and minds safe and healthy. In doing so we provide free, respectful and non-judgemental support that affirms and honours the individual’s power and agency. It is our aim to create an environment in which young people can be recognised as powerful actors and helped to realise their potential. Our services include providing safety strategies and information, health promotion, advocacy, peer education, drop-in support, referrals and outreach. We also have kitchen and shower facilities available at our office.

Harley is around at 28 Mein Street, Spring Hill every Wednesday from 12noon till 5pm or call 0437 000 724 to speak to her directly.

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