TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of historic murder of a sex worker in QLD | Respect QLD

The image above is a photo of ‘Jean Morris’ (aka ‘Stiletto Jean’), a young sex worker who was murdered in Ayr, QLD, in 1932. Jean’s murder remains unsolved, although police suspected involvement of the Black Hand gang. There is a lot of information online about Jean and her death, including an episode of the ABC documentary series about The Black Hand. 

Jean Morris is currently in an unmarked, grass grave site in the Ayr cemetery. A Townsville man, Henry Peterson, has set up a Go Fund Me to raise funds for a head stone for Jean, after hearing her story. Respect Inc has been in touch with Henry Peterson regarding the Go Fund Me, and we believe the funds will definitely go toward Jean’s headstone. We will continue communication with him to ensure this, and inform the QLD sex worker community when the goal has been reached.

Jean has become somewhat of a historic sex worker icon in the North, and we are promoting the Go Fund Me as we believe her grave should not go unmarked. If you would like to contribute to the fund for a headstone for Jean, you can do so at the below link.
Go Fund Me – Stiletto Jean Morris Headstone Fundraiser

You can listen to the recent ABC Radio interview with Respect Inc about this fundraiser and Jean Morris at the link below. 
Jean Morris ABC Radio Interview with Respect Inc’s Lulu Holiday (begins at 2:28:50)

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