Objectives | Respect QLD
  1. To provide a range of education, information and resources that will support sex workers and increase their awareness of occupational health, safety, emotional wellbeing, legal and taxation rights and responsibilities, in a non-judgmental and non-invasive environment.
  2. To provide appropriate health promotion programs to sex workers.
  3. To operate within a context of accountability, equity and transparency.
  4. To recognise that by providing education, information and support to sex workers, sex workers will be effectively resourced as safer sex educators to pass on those educational benefits to the larger general population.
  5. To operate within an affirmative action approach, that is, with all direct services by peers (sex workers past or present) within all levels of the organisation, including management, staff and volunteers, and to foster a culture of inclusiveness and mutual respect within the diverse community of sex workers.
  6. To lobby government to provide sex workers with legal avenues to work within any area of the Queensland sex work trade/industry as they choose (e.g. escort, in-house, agency, private/sole operator, co-operatives and/or street) without fear of arrest or prosecution for criminal offenses related to sex work business activities.
  7. To provide a legitimate voice for Queensland sex workers advocating for legal and other social policies to support sex workers’ human, civil and workplace rights and access to remedies without discrimination, including programs and initiatives that aim to reduce discrimination and stigma against sex workers, past and present.
  8. To support and liaise with national, state and regional sex worker rights groups in the development of networks, programs and objectives.
  9. To build and foster constructive relationships with all stakeholders for the benefit of sex workers.
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