Queensland Government has Introduced a Bill to decriminalise sex work! | Respect QLD

Today, a Bill to decriminalise sex work in Queensland (Criminal Code (Decriminalising Sex Work) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024) was tabled in Parliament at last! A long awaited day for many of us, and one we should take a moment to celebrate thanks to the tireless work of sex workers and the DecrimQLD Committee’s efforts advocating for change.

What does this mean now?

Firstly, it’s important to know that no laws have changed yet. This is just the first step. The Bill will need to go to committee before being voted on later in the year.

The good news! What’s in store for sex workers as a result of this Bill?
It means that, when the Bill as passed later in the year –

  • Our safety strategies will be decriminalised
  • Sex workers will be able to work together
  • The PLA will be abolished
  • Workplace Health & Safety guidelines will be developed and will apply like all other workplaces
  • Industrial rights will be accessible to us for the first time
  • Anti-discrimination protections for sex workers will be strengthened

Nothing will happen overnight, this is the beginning step towards achieving the same rights and workplace health and safety protections and provisions as the rest of Queensland.

So be sure to follow the DecrimQLD social media pages and check back on our website regularly for updates as the Bill progresses through the next steps!

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