PHD: “Sex worker organisations, political autonomy from funders” Elena Jeffreys, May 2018 | Respect QLD

Sex worker organisations and political autonomy from funders: case studies of Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Workers Association and Empower Foundation (Thailand)

“Scarlet and Empower are part of a movement that, since inception, has actively distanced itself from institutions that seek to criminalise and oppress sex workers. These politics are part of the impetus for autonomy from funders. Community development, and a keen ear for sex worker concerns, keep Scarlet and Empower in check and accountable to sex worker communities above and beyond any potential loyalty to funders. As a result, sex worker organisations are able to offer reliable data and evidence in the public sphere about sex workers’ political needs. Managing autonomy is not just about keeping NGO leadership accountable to the community, it is also part of a pattern of transparency and a genuine desire to circulate sex worker theory, politics, experiences and realities.”

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