Position CLOSED: Social Media Officer | Respect QLD

The position of Social Media Officer is responsible for Respect Inc’s online presence by developing a strategy, creating content, analysing usage data and feedback, responding to engagement and implementing the organisation’s social media campaigns within a sex work rights framework, informed by the Respect Inc aims and objectives, policies and procedures.

Applications Close

03 Feb, 2022

Position Description​ of Social Media Officer

  1. Coordinate Respect Inc’s online presence. Plan, design, create and schedule content and online campaigns on relevant digital platforms to enhance Respect
    Inc’s work. This includes promotion and circulation of Respect Inc opening hours, events, workshops and information sheets.
  2. Create original images and multimedia materials to achieve positive engagement with Respect Inc’s social media.
  3. Schedule, post and promote sex work-related content. Share articles, links and research content of interest to sex workers in Queensland. Re-post and promote the content of other sex workers and sex worker organisations’ social media.
  4. Social media-based community engagement and community development. Promote community engagement with Respect Inc social media accounts and contribute to sex worker community development. Respond to direct messages and review public contributions to social media accounts by responding, modifying or deleting inappropriate material. Refer sex worker community requests to peer educators and provide handover as required.
  5. Ensure Respect Inc social media content is accurate and legal paying close attention to detail.
  6. Engage in accountability measures such as relevant internal approvals, and file management.
  7. Participate in the Respect Inc team in a constructive way, using communication and group work skills. Advise and inform Respect Inc team members of potential and upcoming social media campaigns as appropriate.
  8. Take direction and participate in quarterly supervision.
  9. Carry out all work for this role in line with Respect Inc aims and objectives, policies and procedures.

This is a permanent position, 7.5 hours a week.

This is a permanent part-time position. Staff are employed under the SCHADS (Social
Community Home Care and Disability Services) Industry Award 2010. This position will be paid at Permanent Level 4.1 at the following rate: $37.54 per hour.

Only sex workers past and present need apply.

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