“Submission on Human Rights Bill” Respect Inc & Scarlet Alliance, 2018 | Respect QLD

Sex workers in Queensland and nationally experience systemic human rights violations.

Types of discrimination include:

  • securing housing and accommodation
  • accessing health services
  • custody and legal processes
  • in government policies and practices
  • in employment
  • counterproductive police practices

You can download the Respect Inc Scarlet Alliance Submission Human Rights Bill 2018 here

“Human Rights apply to all people, including female, male, trans and gender diverse sex workers and sex workers living with HIV….In reality, sex workers often face high levels of harassment by police and governments, have limited or no access to rights and legal redress and are unprotected by the law. Stigma, discrimination, human rights abuses and criminalisation of our work are challenges that sex workers face daily.” Stepping up the evidence on HIV and sex work, Scarlet Alliance, AIDS2014

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