Inquiry into Serious Vilification and Hate Crimes August 2021 | Respect QLD

Sex workers are often victims of vilification and hate crimes, which often go unreported due to legislation.

The Anti Discrimination Act 1991 currently does not provide any anti-vilification protection for sex workers in Queensland.

Respect Inc. and Scarlet Alliance recommend:

  • ‘Sex work’ and ‘sex worker’ should be included as a recognised ‘ground’ for unlawful

and criminal vilification.

  • Existing anti-vilification protections for race, gender and sexuality should be strengthened.
  • The Queensland Human Rights Commission should maintain a civil redress avenue for

sex workers pursuing a vilification claim.

  • The full decriminalisation of sex work in Queensland is an essential aspect of

removing barriers to sex workers reporting vilification.

This submission discusses the following:

– The prevalence of hate crime and vilification against sex workers in Queensland.

Online vilification.

– The criminalisation of sex workers in Queensland through the licensing framework.

– Sex work not being included as a ‘ground’ for vilification under s124A and s131A.

– Access to vilification protection via existing protected attributes remains severely limited for sex workers due to criminalisation.

– Without decriminalisation, accessing s131A is limited for sex workers.

– The current conciliation framework is not accessible for sex workers.

Full submission here
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