Position Closed: Peer Educator, covering Central And North Queensland, based in Townsville | Respect QLD
Applications are open to sex workers, past and present. This peer educator position covers part of Central Queensland and all of North Queensland, and is based in Townsville.
Applications Close

5 pm, Friday 1 October, 2021

This is a permanent part time position, 15 hours per week.

Staff are employed under the SCHCDS (Social Community Home Care and Disability Services) Industry Award 2010. This position will be paid at Permanent Level 4.1 at the following rate: $36.87 per hour.

Only sex workers past and present need apply.

Duties and Responsibilities

Listen, reflect, learn from and network among the sex worker community in Central, North and Far North Queensland.

Use evaluation, feedback, both formal and informal methods, to become familiar with the concerns of the sex worker community in Central, North and Far North Queensland.

Contribute to the sex worker community in Central, North and Far North Queensland by being a reliable, trustworthy, fair and unbiased source of information. If you do not have answers for the community, you will know where to find them.

Share the lessons you learn in this role with the rest of the team at Respect Inc. Make sure the needs of your community are being heard.

Promote and maintain the sex worker-only drop-in space. Host regular social events. Promote membership and community involvement in Respect Inc. 

Establish and maintain regular and ongoing contact with sex workers, via face-to-face engagement, SMS and other means, to provide education, information, support and referral on sex work-related issues accessing private, brothel, escort, touring and street-based workers, and other sex workers on a regular basis. 

Deliver health promotion programs targeting sex workers, within a team environment and sex worker-positive framework.

Work in a team environment to deliver workshops on workplace health and safety strategies. Plan relevant training activities for sex workers.  

Foster peer education strategies to promote HIV and sexual health awareness and information among sex workers and participate in community development activities using workplace health and safety issues as a vehicle for supporting and fostering networks and building sex worker community capacity.

Promote other Respect Inc services to sex workers including distribution of  inexpensive and free safer sex products to sex workers. 

Maintain relevant financial accountability processes including stock control, cash handling, monthly bank deposits and communication relating to these activities in a team environment.

Work in a strictly confidential environment, managing boundaries and creating safer spaces for sex workers.

Contribute to the operation and development of Respect Inc programs, projects, organisation and team. 

Participate in regular supervision, use accountability mechanisms as outlined in Respect Inc Policy and Procedures, and work within the aims, philosophy and values of the organisation.

Work in conjunction with other government and non-government organisations on specific projects and service provision in consultation with the State Coordinator in accordance with our Strategic and Annual Forward Plans.

Record peer educational statistical information on a daily basis, document peer education themes on a monthly basis, participate in regular supervision, staff meetings and teamwork. Sales of inexpensive safer sex supplies, related financial accountability tasks. 

Contribute positively to the work environment and ensure a welcoming atmosphere within the workplace. Work collaboratively and actively participate in work team processes, planning, support and review sessions.

Undertake other duties as directed by the State Coordinator.

Acknowledgement of Country

Respect Inc would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which our offices are located and Elders, past and present. We stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respect their strength and resilience in the face of ongoing colonisation.

The work of Respect Inc takes place on stolen land. Our organisation acknowledges:

The Bindal People of Thul Garrie Waja (Townsville and Magnetic Island),

The Wulgurukaba people, also known as the Manbarra people, of Gurrumbillbaria (Townsville and Magnetic Island),

The Yidinji people of the Cairns region,

The Yirrganydji people of Gimuy (Cairns),

The Gunggandji people of Yarrabah,

The Tjapukai people of the Great Dividing Range,

The Kukuk Yalangi peple of the Kaba Kaba (Daintree),

The Cape traditional owners, the Wuthathi, Kuuku Y’au and Northern Kaanju people.


“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” – Lilla Watson, Gangulu Nation

“To support the recognition of the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the Traditional Custodians with ongoing connection to the land we live and work upon, never ceded.” – An objectives of Respect Inc

For more information about what Respect Inc is doing to build solidarity, link here.


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