RESPECT INC: “Asian Sex Workers Needs Assessment” 2015 | Respect QLD


This Asian sex workers needs assessment was funded by a grant from the Community Gambling Benefit Fund administered by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Queensland. Queensland has a higher level of sex work regulation compared to other states in Australia with a licensing system administered by the Prostitution Licensing Authority and policed  under the Criminal Code. Despite this the majority of sex workers in Queensland work outside of the regulatory framework. This is the first needs assessment conducted for Asian sex workers in Queensland. The primary objectives of this research were to assess the current levels of knowledge about sexual health, sex work law in Queensland, rights and responsibilities and workplace rights, as well as identifying existing barriers and learn about the experiences and opinions of Asian  sex workers. Further, our aim was to present this information in a report that would enable us to seek long term funding from relevant agencies to employ Asian focused peer educators. This report is to support that outcome.The following report provides an overview of the key findings from the assessment.

CLICK HERE to view or download the Asian Sex Workers Needs Assessment 2015.

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