Letter to Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha July 2016 | Respect QLD

This letter regards an incident at Nataree Massage on the 7th June 2016. 

Following a 3-month entrapment operation, a human trafficking raid was performed on the premises, with 121 workers apprehended.

Of these workers, 21 women were being held in immigration centres. They were not human trafficking victims and held no criminal records. They did not know why they were being held.

Respect Inc. supported the Empower Foundation and jointly urged Suanphlu to immediately arrange an appropriate space for witnesses to meet with family and advocates and access information on the processes (Witness Protection Act 2003), to guarantee that the witnesses were treated in accordance with all rights stipulated under the Witness Protection Act 2003 and the Suppression and Prevention of Human Trafficking Act 2008.

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