*now out of date* 2021 COVID19 info for private workers in Queensland | Respect QLD

Private workers and clients are affected by vaccination mandates in Queensland. Workers are required to have GreenTick or proof of vaccination, and screen clients for compliance prior to the booking.

Private workers are required to see proof of compliance for each client. The methods of proof are:

  • view the Green tick on their QLD Check In app
  • view a COVID19 digital vaccination certificate
  • view Immunisation history statement
  • view Paper documentation of proof

The onus is on the client, not the worker, to comply with the orders. The worker is not required to check client ID.

Continuous record keeping is required by all private workers. This means workers must keep records of their clients, the date and length of booking, and contact details for 14 days after the booking has taken place.  Workers must be able to produce this record keeping for compliance checks and contact tracing if asked. 

For confidentiality and safety reasons, private workers are NOT required to have a business profile on the QLD Check in app.

Q: How do I show proof that I am fully compliant with the new vaccinated rules without giving away my legal name?

A: Respect Inc successfully advocated for the ability to use a preferred name on the QLD Check In app. This provides you the best privacy protection available.

Exemption or proof of vaccination is linked to the app which will then show a green tick. 

The profile section of the app allows you to update your name in the app and use a preferred name. You can also change your phone number and email address to your work details. It must be a working phone number.

Be aware your last check in will come up if you show someone your screen. Ways to avoid sharing your last check in are:

  • Take a screen shot with the green tick and crop out your last check in
  • Take a photo of a random QR code and use it as your last check in
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